Web Development

Stay Digital

Strike studio offers a web solution for all types of small & medium businesses, bloggers and many others.

We develop a simple browsing presentation websites and also E Shop sites including all functionality required.

We assist you to have online payment in your website and make things easier for you.

English & Arabic are mainly the default languages required , together or individually.

We also transform your E Shop to a mobile app on Android and iOS too.

All within best quality & lowest prices in the market.

No worries about the media content of your website, we are media production company and can handle this without any worries  

Be well founded in search engines by our SEO optimizing for your website 

have unlimited E mail address @yourwebsite

Why do I need Website ?!

Avoid spending a lot of money creating brochures and having issues with them distribution, your potential customers  can find you and your products online

Do you know that more than 2.5 Billions people use the internet everyday ?

Don’t have website ! , you miss that big share

Wherever you go to present yourself, always you will be asked: What is your website address ? Don’t miss that big value!

Be smart and influence the people decision about you, your products / services

Show up what you can do and take a pride in your work

24/7 running without supervisor or sales man

expose your products and services and make a money, sell online and have your online shop

Best marketing reference and target, direct all your advertising campaigns to your website

Have unlimited credible mail address personalized with your domain and company name, let others trust your company