Strike Studio services mainly focusing on video production within it different types, targets and assortments.

We have experienced team with over than 20 years’ experience in Video Production delivering the highest standards in video & film industry.

In addition to the long experience of our team, we are distinguished by keeping up with all the latest developments and technologies in the video and film industry, whether it is equipment, techniques or new methods and ideas in production.

Whether it is corporate videos, short films, advertising videos or event videos, we do them with the highest standards and professionalism.

Corporate Videos production Services

Strike Studio is well known in Qatari Market for Corporate & Companies Video production, having in our portfolio great known local companies & international too.   

As we have all our own high level video equipment’s and Cine lines, handled by high skilled crew in video industry, we are able to provide highest video quality in the market within competitive prices.

We provide different types of videos for corporates depends on theme, target and purpose, such as and not limited to:

  • Company profile videos
  • Business Presentation videos
  • Brand awareness Videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Customer testimonials videos
  • Induction videos
  • Safety & training videos
  • Product / Service Videos
  • Internal communication videos

Our premier goal is to provide a unique quality and identity for every customer, by analyzing the customer inquiry, and creating a unique theme with great impact on audience

Production of Interviews & Podcast videos

We are considered Best Interviews video producers in Qatari Market.

Our unique style, capability & abilities, allows us to produce the highest standards on interviews and podcast videos.

Using a cinema line cameras, filming with Dual or more cameras, having a dynamic robotic sliders, filming in RAW Format, will distinguish our high end video whether its interview or podcast.

Also we provide a fully equipped multi-functional studio, which will support us to have a unique look and setup for every customer separately, also having different setup’s for podcast videos using a 3 cameras setup

Our editing and coloring team are high skilled with more than 20 years in field, able to create a stunning image serving the customer desire

Aerial Drone Video Services

Licensed Drone Video filming Company

Strike Studio is Licensed & authorized company for Aerial Video & Aerial photography in Qatar.

We have more than 1000 flying hours of UAV in Qatar for different types of projects & purposes, such as construction progress tracking, events, commercials & many others.

As aerial Photography and aerial video, we are able to film in 4K and FHD videos, RAW DNG and also Raw Photography.

We edit all our videos & Photos delivering a high end videos & photos including Motion Graphics, Color grading and all necessary steps in post-production phase.

Production of commercials & Advertising Videos

Having the marketing team with experienced filmmakers together, will make us the best choice to create a great impact on the audience you are targeting

We believe in delivering a story and message more than showing off our abilities and capabilities.

The advertising and commercial videos production are considered as art of influence and attention capturing .

Based on this, we take the idea and crystalize it into a concept that will be a scripted and shot list, followed by an accurate production and editing process

The story is everything and without story, nobody care, that’s why we do all our best to create the best visual stories of video commercials & advertising

Social Media Content Creation

At Strike Studio, we already managing a different types of business’s social accounts, whether it’s Instagram, youtube, TikTok or Facebook, creating a different types of contents for them.

Our commitment is well known to keep the accounts updated with a high quality eyes capturing content.

We have different packages covering all the needs for social media contents depends on business size and needs.

Our dedicated videos for social media are made specifically for this use, whether it’s size, duration, theme, visual content and music background too.

Events & Occasion Video Coverage

In Strike Studio, we provide events & occasion video coverage in multi purposes and styles.

From a short or small occasion to also a large event, all are in our field such as:

  • Corporate Occasions & Events
  • Wedding Occasions
  • Engagement Occasion
  • Birthday Occasion
  • Graduation Occasion


We use up to 4 Video cameras and drone sometimes (depends on agreement) , and also we provide the live streaming service too during our filming.

All our footage are taken in RAW Format to ensure a high quality color grading whether it’s live streaming or after while delivering

Our SteadiCam, Robotic Sliders, Drone, Cinematic Cameras, gimbals, high qualified crew, all together will create a stunning videos for your event and occasion

Real Estate Video Services

Strike Studios provides large varieties of Video creation & production for Real Estate purposes.

Using our own real estate dedicated video equipment’s supported by our high skilled videographers, we are able to provide a stunning videos for real estates.

We produce all type of Real estate videos such as and not limited to:

  • Neighborhood Videos
  • Properties Listing & Promotional Videos
  • Hotels & Facilities Videos
  • Guided Tour Videos
  • Construction Videos
  • Chalet, Villas, Apartments videos
  • Drone Videos for Real Estate

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are able to create a unique stunning videos for your property & Real estate

Film Production Services

As filmmakers, we are able to transform your story to film, whether it’s documentary or short / mid feature film, and also to assist you in your production.

We already produced different documentaries movies, some intro’s, trailers and more.

 Using our cinematic equipment’s, developing your story and script, together we can create a stunning story together.

Also we provide a talented acting skills will support our production.