Strike Studio services mainly focusing on video production within it different types, targets and assortments.

We have experienced team with over than 20 years’ experience in Video Production delivering the highest standards in video & film industry.

In addition to the long experience of our team, we are distinguished by keeping up with all the latest developments and technologies in the video and film industry, whether it is equipment, techniques or new methods and ideas in production.

Whether it is corporate videos, short films, advertising videos or event videos, we do them with the highest standards and professionalism.



Our leading career started with filmmaking 20 years ago, with huge passion in film industry.

The love of film production runs in our veins and we enjoy it as a crew and company

Based on idea, we develop it and refine it to be a story, based on scientific and technical foundations in in story writing, and then we develop it as a film using the latest technologies and modern methods

We are fully equipped with all equipment of cinema line to produce all types of short & mid duration feature films, and also documentary film in all it durations

We also provide some partial works in film production such as Video Editing & color grading, sound design, cinematography and directing too.

A film starts with idea, let’s chat


Video Commercial

It’s not only pretty short video or that one you should like, it’s an art of influence!

A video commercial should be enough smart to capture the attention of audience while audience are extra saturated from the huge media quantity in social networks, that’s why we always should avoid the direct message and leave a place for audience engagement.

A success into a video commercial released is once the audience watched the video till the end and received the message transmitted by publisher

we highly care about the story build and visual treatment for any video commercial.

We start from the concept, developing the concept into a story then script, following the script with actors rehearsal and production to be followed with post production phase.

We also use licensed sound tracks to avoid any difficulty on publishing the video at end.

Get outside the box and be more creative with Strike Studio !

Simply: Be different and come something new!



whether it’s a simple interview or a product review , Clients review or corporate video , company video profile or any kind of video related to your business, we are enough good to deliver a cinematic look for the video of your business.

We are well equipped with all necessary equipment’s and operators leaded with experienced film director to develop your vision

Also to make your speech easier and show your powerful speech, we can offer you a teleprompter where you can watch the camera and read your speech too.

Even if we talk about tracking camera’s to track your construction project or filming your product, we are enough ready.

An open space in waiting your imagination and your business too at Strike Studio Qatar.


events video

Your event is total safe with Strike Studio once we talk about video covering for your event.

We can offer you a full coverage for the whole event with many video camera’s and at the end you have many choices:

  • Highlight short video up to 3 minutes 
  • Full duration video for the whole event 
  • Full Duration and Highlight short video together

Using our experts camera operators and mixers, we guarantee a high end video that will satisfy your expectation  

Note: We can offer up to 4 camera’s + Drone camera , all connected with professional mixers and streaming equipment’s



We can video cover you wedding day in many ways which will satisfy all you needs and having a results over your expectations:

3 video camera operator + 1 Drone camera operator + mixer + video projector + live broadcast & live streaming , all highly edited into a high standards with latest generations requirements.

These are beside photography services that you will find in our Photography page.

In the same while, we offer a new trendy video for wedding which is “Our wedding Story” , a sample is attached in beside video. this kind of video requires 2-3 weeks production before wedding day and can be a memory you will share with everyone for long future.

Video for wedding invitation could be realized into a professional manner as it shown in our video gallery