Sound Recording Studio

Sound Recording Studio

Music Recording Studio

Voice over Studio

Vocal Recording Studio

As a part of our production & services, Strike Studio offer Sound recording studio which is suitable and perfect for different inquiries such as and not limited to:

  • Music Recording
  • Voice Over recording
  • Song’s & singers voice recording
  • Vocal Recording
  • Audio Dubbing services
  • Live audio streaming

Our Sound production process are subject to many steps starting from:

  1. Recording: Clear & clean sound recording into fully isolated studio using required equipment’s and mixer
  2. Mixing: a helpful hardware where we can mix into different styles & types with unlimited possibilities, including a phone call conference for Live audio streaming
  3. Mastering: All Raw sound recorded are subject to deep editing and design , to deliver a unique and desired quality

As a part of this service, we have different voice over talents which
can deliver the voice over into different languages, accents, locally and

Into a friendly atmosphere, you are great welcome in Strike Studio where audio and video meets together delivering best possibilities for everyone!