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Having a nice look for your Instagram or Facebook page will attract audience to follow you?

No, Absolutely No!!

A lot of business owners consider the general look of their social accounts more than anything else!

They believe if they have a nice looking theme or template for them pages / accounts, they will have a success by having this look, which is totally a wrong understanding for social media.

The core of social accounts is to interact with audience telling them something they would love to discover, provoking their interests and letting them discover you / your services / products, making them follow you always to discover something every while.

To achieve this goal, there are many factors you should consider such as but not limited to:

1-Interaction with Audience

A post / story should be in two directions in & out, which mean to have an attractive content making audience wondering to know more details about this service


2- Leave a place for audience opinion, always ask them opinion.

By asking them, they will interact with you, feeling more confident with you, creating a friendly relationship


3- Humanize your post by using the human elements / speech


4- Create a smart product / service video review, this will be a great and smart promotional video


5- Create advertising campaigns to capture new audience


6- Create advertising campaigns for audience who already following you to maintain the relation with them.


7- Offer gifts without posing, these gifts are really welcomed by all audience whatever is them income



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Strike Studio offer a personalized packages for social accounts management depends on service & products and the targeted audience also.

These packages are composed based on case study executed with customer to create the suitable content, and to plan the advertising campaigns.

Packages are based on customer budget and usually they start with 6 months package as shortest one.

Briefly, we know how to increase the feedback of your social accounts and we will create the suitable content of Videos, Photos, Graphics, design, advertising campaigns as been agreed.

Enjoy the fruits of your business

Why do I need Social accounts ?!

Example: More than 65% of instagram users say they discover new products on Instagram

Let your social media posts be a motivator to drop people visiting your website and know more about you and your products/services

Learn about your customers by interaction with them and understand them feedback and requirements

Using the social media platforms advertising campaigns is main channel of digital marketing, so you should be connected well

Surprise is more than 65% prefer to contact you by social media more than a call or mail

Connect with customers and potential customers to show the human side of your brand by the real human connection you did

Get Leads free and pipeline by hunting the interactions on your post

Social media platforms could be a great sale channel for your products and services, even if you have your your own online shopping store

Most social media users connect to them account once per day at least, let your brand / product and services always on them mind