There are different types of events that usually happening into Government institutions and companies such as seminars, conferences, celebrations, anniversaries and many others.

These events are very important for the organizer and usually they are recorded and posted in different places.

Into a wedding, bride, grooms and their family too, need to capture these special moments into best way possible achieving a cinematic look & story to their wedding moments as video & photography too.

At strike studio we understand the importance and uniqueness of these moments, and how much care it needs.

As per customs and traditions, Engagement party is very important because it’s the first festivity for the bride & groom together.

We believe that these moments are unique, and should be memorized very well as an engagement ceremony video & photography

Unique moments that we all love since our first year!

No Matter how old we are, we love our birthday party even if we don’t show this.

Imagine the happiness you create once you organize a birthday party for your kid, friend or love.

How happy is the graduate? How happy is the graduate’s family & friends?

Is this a normal moment or one of unique moments in our live!

Graduation party is achieving celebration for the graduate and his/her relatives too, a moments that should be recorded professionally by skilled team who will deliver at the end a unique graduation video & photography