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Corporate Video Production in Qatar

In the past 12 years, the State of Qatar has been undergoing a development process in various fields, whether it is infrastructure projects, urban projects or preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
These development processes formed a lot of local companies with Qatari or foreign capital.

With the development of the digital world and the increasing importance of time, there are many requests for corporate videos.

Strike Studio is characterized by the production of these corporate videos, which have several formats and objectives, including the following:

1- Companies videos to display the facilities without Narrator ( Voice Over )
The idea of these corporate videos is to display corporate facilities, whether they are industrial, storage or office facilities, without a commentator, and usually their duration does not exceed four minutes as a maximum.

2- Videos of companies showing services and facilities with a commentator ( Voice Over )
This type of corporate video is very similar to the first, but with voice overs and videos that support voice overs

in the same while, the voice over could be a C.E.O speech or other person from inside the company

3- Corporate videos for internal use
This type of video for companies and institutions is mostly awareness and guidance for the staff based on speech or representative scenes, such as evacuation videos in case of emergency or other target

4- Customer review videos for companies
The opinion of customers is very important and highlights the importance of the services provided and gives them more credibility, and is used as a veiled advertisement

5- Corporate videos based on the voice of the commentator
In this type of short corporate video of no more than three minutes in length, the commentator tells a poetic story about the company supported by some random video clips about the company and its activities.

There are many types of corporate videos. We, Strike Studio, are distinguished by their production at the highest technical and technical levels, using the most advanced techniques of ground and aerial photography, and film montage as well.

In May 2022, Strike Studio launched cinematographic technology, using cinematic cameras used in the manufacture of cinematic films that we use in the production of corporate videos.

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