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Video editing courses in Qatar

Strike Studios offer intensive Video editing courses in Qatar for individuals and groups too as workshops to develop the skills and knowledge for those who love to create video and films.

We love what we do enough much that makes us wishing to share our knowledge with those who love this skill too.

This course does not need any previous knowledge in video editing and it software’s, we start from scratch with everyone, but it required basic knowledge in video shooting.

All your imagination in creating a professional video, we can make it true in less than 7 workshops, 2 hours each.

Besides the techniques you learn in this video editing course, you will learn also so tricks and theories which will help you to create the video desired.

Sound editing is part of this course which is extremely important to have a professional video at the end.

Our Software’s used in this course are Adobe premiere Pro CC, Adobe Audition CC and sometimes Adobe Photoshop.

This course contents are follow:

  • Introduction to linear / non-linear Editing
  • Introduction to Premiere Pro
  • Projects creation & sequence setup
  • Importing and organizing media
  • Tools & Workplace
  • Standard effects control
  • Use transitions
  • Key framing
  • Masking
  • Using Markers
  • Adjusting Layers and Nesting
  • Color Grading techniques
  • Basic image effects
  • Work with Titles
  • Sound Soft editing
  • Dynamic link
  • Sound Editing in Adobe Audition
  • Multi Camera Editing
  • Metadata And tagging
  • Add captions
  • Rendering and Export settings
  • Cut types
  • Contradiction cut
  • Creative cloud

You are great welcome in world of Video editing and creation, take it more than easy and feel free to contact us

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