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Photography courses in Doha Qatar

Strike Studios offer intensive Photography courses in Doha Qatar for individuals and groups too as workshops to grow the photography skills for those who loves photography.

Our intensive workshops target is to develop the knowledge and skills, enabling the trainee to use and control the camera on manual control beside other skills such as lighting configuration, framing and blocking.

Part of this course also is photography theories such as coloring, rules breaking and others.

Usually this course should not take more than 4 workshops of 2 hours each, and could be less.

A studio is always available for trainee to practice anytime and develop his/her skills.

This photography course treat follow subjects:

  • Brief history about photography
  • Expose to light theories
  • Camera components and functions
  • Photography golden triangle
  • Lenses types and uses
  • Framing & blocking basics
  • The third rule
  • Break the rules
  • Color temperature control and theory
  • Camera dynamic range
  • Raw vs JPEG
  • Lighting setup and theories
  • Shoot with sun
  • Soft coloring on Adobe photoshop

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