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Food & Products Photography Qatar

Food Photography or products photography are a common request in Doha Qatar.

As food, usually Restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, Bars, hotels and other similar businesses ask for this service to have them own food list well photographed in order to be listed in social network platforms, and also to be listed in some sales platforms such as Talabat & Carriedge and others too.

These photos are usually artistic photos that should attract the future buyer and grow his appetite to buy .

Another type of food photography is that ones usually used for printable Menu or list, where photos usually are isolated from background and also photos taken in a full depth of field using artistic decoration around the food

Products photography services covering a wide range of requests for different products and different purposes.

Some photos are extremely sensitive such like jewelries, Perfumes, watches and similar products, where it implicate a special setup and take a lot of time editing in post production.

These photos are usually used as banners, social network platforms or other similar uses.

Another types of products photography such as photos to simply present the products wherever they are listed such as menu’s , online shops and many similar , where usually photos are background isolated and exported as PNG format.

We as strike studio are open to satisfy any inquiry regarding to food or products photography whatever it type or purpose.


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